Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could love their job this much?  There’s an 88-year-old guy near Minneapolis named Art Mason who’s finally retiring this year . . . for the SECOND time.

He used to work in a factory, and retired when he was around 60.  But he needed something to do, and his local McDonald’s didn’t have enough people.

So the manager asked if he’d want to fill in for a couple weeks . . . and those couple weeks turned into 29 YEARS working the drive-thru.  He’s outlasted every other employee . . . all the managers . . . and even the original owners.

He likes the drive-thru, because he’s a big people person.  He loves interacting with all the customers, and they love him too.  One of them even bought him a scarf recently, so he wouldn’t get cold sitting by the window.

He says he doesn’t really want to retire yet, but he’s got more aches and pains than he used to.  So he thinks it’s finally time.  His last day is May 10th, just a few days before his 89th birthday.