This isn’t a ton of money.  But how long would YOU keep paying it?

A woman in Florida named Katheryn Strang lost her two-year-old dog Dutchess back in 2007 when her 12-year-old son left a door open.  And they never saw her again.

The dog had a microchip though.  And even after a decade, Katheryn kept paying the $15 yearly fee to keep it activated, just in case.

She says paying for it each year meant she didn’t have to give up hope.  And that alone was worth 15 bucks, even though she never expected to see Dutchess again.

But then last week, the dog finally resurfaced in Pittsburgh, more than a THOUSAND miles from where she went missing.

Someone found her hiding under their shed outside in the cold.  Then they brought her to a shelter, where one of the workers scanned the microchip.

Katheryn spent two days driving from Florida to Pittsburgh last week.  And she picked up Dutchess on Friday, more than 12 years after she went missing.