A Woman in a Restaurant Line Calls a Guy “Fat” . . . so He Buys up All the Fried Chicken so She Can’t Get Any

There’s really no revenge quite as good as quick, petty revenge.

A guy named Frederico Hill from Indonesia just posted a story on Facebook about the SWEET revenge he got on someone who insulted him.

He was in line at a fried chicken restaurant last week when he overheard the woman behind him talking to her kids.

And she said they should only eat one piece, or they’d wind up, quote, “fat” like the guy in front of them.

So Frederico decided to stick it to her by buying ALL of the fried chicken the store had ready.  It only cost him around $17 too.

So he walked out with 15 pieces of chicken as he heard the clerk telling the woman she would have to wait 30 minutes for them to cook up more.