It’s one thing to go ALL OUT for a kid’s birthday party.  But it’s ANOTHER LEVEL when you try to scare the jelly beans out of them.

A mother in Oklahoma was hosting a birthday party for her six-year-old girl . . . and she was bummed because her plans for a cake fell through.  So she came up with a bizarre backup plan.

She hired “Mrs. Bigfoot” . . . a.k.a. “Cinnamon” . . . who would be in costume, and would surprise the kids by peeking in the windows at the party.  (And despite what it may sound like, this performer is NOT a stripper.)

Mrs. Bigfoot showed up, and the kids were immediately horrified and began screaming, running, and crying.  Mrs. Bigfoot went in the house . . . and the kids eventually warmed up to her a little, but the mother says the kids still say they never want to see her again.

Mrs. Bigfoot arrived with balloons, wearing a tutu and a bow in her hair . . . so the mom says she thought it would be “cute and fun.”  But the kids “did not have that reaction.”  (KJRH

(Here’s video of this chaos from a local news report.  If you’d like to hire Mrs. Bigfoot, here’s her Facebook.)