Would YOUR sibling go this far to capture a big moment for you?

A guy in Madison, Wisconsin named Andrew Philibeck was getting ready to propose to his girlfriend Rachel a couple of months ago.  But he knew she was really close with her sister Therese and would want her there to see it.

So he called Therese last month.  And she joked that it would be funny if she hid out nearby and dressed up as a BUSH or something.  So then she could take pictures of it.

It was supposed to be a joke, but Andrew thought it was great.  So he ordered a “ghillie suit” on Amazon . . . one of those grassy things snipers wear to blend in with the background.  And Therese agreed to wear it.

He picked a spot in a wooded area, next to a lake.  And even HE had no idea where she was because the suit was so good.

Right after the sister said yes, Therese SCREAMED out.  Then they saw her and cracked up.

Now the photos are going viral.  There are a few of the actual engagement, and a few of Therese dressed up as a bush.


(Check out the photos here.)