There’s a place in Raleigh, North Carolina called State Farmers Market Restaurant.  The owner’s name is Gypsy Gilliam.  And after this, she might ACTUALLY deserve one of those mugs that say “World’s Best Boss” . . .

Last week, she closed up shop and shut down the whole restaurant for a few days, so she could take all 20 of her employees . . . and their families . . . to DISNEY WORLD.

She paid for everything, including hotels . . . tickets to the park . . . and all of their meals.  Apparently there were rumors a few months ago that it might happen.  But no one believed she’d actually do it.

One employee named Jessica Burr got pretty emotional.  She has a five-year-old son, and says she never could have done that for him on her own.

Gypsy didn’t talk on camera, but told the local news that she wouldn’t have a business without her employees.  And she wanted them to know how much they’re appreciated.