A Waffle House Only Had One Employee, so Customers Pitched in to Help

A scheduling issue caused a Waffle House in Birmingham, Alabama to be short-staffed earlier this month.

Only one employee showed up last Saturday night.  And Saturdays tend to be crazy because of all the drunk people who come in.

We don’t know the employee’s full name, but his name tag said “Ben.”  He had to take everyone’s order . . . do all the cooking himself . . . bus the tables . . . and wash the dishes.  So he was totally overwhelmed.

But then around midnight, an older guy who came in to eat stood up . . . asked for an apron . . . got behind the counter . . . and started HELPING him.

There’s a photo of the guy doing dishes.  He looks like he’s in his late 50s or early 60s.  And at least two other customers also helped out.

One was a woman in high heels and a short, sequined dress who’d just come from a bar or event of some kind.  While Ben cooked and the other customer did dishes, she took people their food, stacked cups, and bussed tables.

Another customer got photos of them and said the whole thing was just amazing to watch.