Here’s how you make the best of a bad situation . . .

Around 16,000 people were supposed to go to a big convention in New Orleans this past weekend for the sorority Delta Sigma Theta.  Which is a historically black sorority started at Howard University in 1913.

Everything was already paid for.  But the event got cut short because of Hurricane Barry.  And they had thousands of meals left over that weren’t going to be eaten.

So instead of wasting them, they donated all 17,000 meals to help the hurricane victims.

It was a big deal because they were prepped ahead of time, before the storm hit.  So they were ready to go as soon as people needed them.

A spokesman for a food bank they worked with said it was heartwarming to see.  And he was impressed that when their event got cancelled, the first thing they thought about was how to help people.

(BET / Fox News)