How’s this for good timing?  A nine-year-old girl near Boston named Shailyn Ryan was at school last Wednesday.  And her best friend Keira started choking on a hot dog at lunch.

She couldn’t breathe, and her face turned red.  But luckily, Shailyn knew what to do . . . because she’d just learned the Heimlich maneuver ONE DAY earlier.

Her parents signed her up for a course at their local rec center called Home Alone Safety.  And one of the things she learned was what to do if someone starts choking.

So she immediately jumped up . . . got behind Keira . . . did the Heimlich the way they taught her to . . . and saved her best friend’s life.

She told the local news she wasn’t even nervous when she saw Keira choking because she knew exactly how to handle it.

(CBS Boston)