A kid in Mesa, Arizona called 911 last week, but wasn’t in any trouble.  Now he’s in the news because of what he asked for, and how the cops responded . . .

Five-year-old Charlie Skabelund wanted to call MCDONALD’S.  But he didn’t know how the whole phone thing works.  So he dialed 911 instead.

When the dispatcher picked up, he said he needed a Happy Meal.  So they decided to send a cop to his house to do a welfare check, just in case it was a child neglect issue and he didn’t have food.

It turned out he was fine though.  After he hung up, 911 called back.  And his dad apologized for the hassle.

They still sent a unit to check on him though.  And here’s the best part.  The cop who showed up DID bring him a Happy Meal.

He stopped at McDonald’s on his way.  And there’s a picture of him posing with Charlie in the driveway.

The cop eventually let him eat.  But he sat him down first to talk about when you should and SHOULDN’T call 911.

(AZCentral / Inside Edition)