A Kid Called 911 and Got Help with His Math Homework

This is NOT what 911 is for, kids.  But it worked out . . .

A kid in Lafayette, Indiana called 911 earlier this month . . . said he’d had a really hard day . . . and that he was having trouble with his math homework.  Specifically, how to add fractions.

Kids usually start adding and subtracting fractions in third or fourth grade.  So we’re guessing he’s around 8 or 9 years old.

A dispatcher named Antonia Bundy got the call.  And it happened to be during a lull in her day, where she didn’t have any other calls coming in.  So instead of explaining that 911 is only for emergencies, she offered to help him.

She talked him through how to add three-fourths and one-fourth, and why they add up to one.  And the Lafayette police department posted the entire call online.

(NBC News)