A Guy on a Transatlantic Flight Gave an 88-Year-Old His First-Class Seat

When you’re flying for the holidays and packed into your seat back in coach, it’s totally natural to HATE all those lucky jerks up in first class.  But here’s one of them who sounds like an exceedingly decent person . . .

Last week, a guy was getting ready to board a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to New York with his family when he started talking to an 88-year-old woman in the terminal.

We only know their first names are Jack and Violet.  But they hit it off and really had a good talk.  And apparently Jack mentioned he was up in first class.

Violet had always dreamed of sitting up front, but never had.  So when they boarded the plane, he told her he wanted to SWITCH SEATS.  And he sat in coach for their entire transatlantic flight.

Violet recently had a knee replacement.  So the extra legroom was probably nice.  Meanwhile, Jack sat in her seat right next to the bathrooms in coach.

A flight attendant posted photos on Facebook, including one of Violet sitting in his seat with a glass of wine, a slice of cake, and a sampling of fine cheeses in front of her.

The flight attendant said she’s worked hundreds of flights in her career, but they were her two favorite passengers ever.

(NZ Herald)

(Here are the photos.)