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A Guy Lights 100 Candles to Propose to His Girlfriend . . . And Burns Their Apartment Down

There’s such a fine line between a grand romantic gesture and total disaster.

A 26-year-old guy named Albert Ndreu in Yorkshire, England spent the past two weeks planning an elaborate proposal for his girlfriend, Valerija Madevic.

And his plan included putting more than 60 balloons and 100 candles around the living room in their apartment.

So he lit all the candles, then went out to get Valerija and bring her home to propose.  But when they got there . . . the apartment was ON FIRE and the fire department was rushing over to put it out.

No one was hurt, but the apartment was completely destroyed.

On the bright side, Valerija still said yes.

(Edinburgh Evening News)

(Here’s a picture of the room before the fire . . . and here’s one of the couple in the room after it was destroyed.)


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