A Girl Volunteered at an Animal Shelter and Found Her Missing Cat

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Here’s a case of instant karma, the GOOD kind . . .

15-year-old Hannah Rountree lives in Roseburg, Oregon, about 150 miles south of Portland.  And she recently decided to donate some of her time by volunteering at a local animal shelter.

The shelter is called Saving Grace Pet Adoption.  And on her second day, she noticed a cat that looked kind of familiar . . . because it was HER cat that went missing several YEARS ago.

His name is Spunky.  He ran off while her family was away on a trip three years ago, and they searched for months but couldn’t find him.  So they eventually gave up.

It turned out someone found him on the side of a highway and brought him to the shelter this past September.  Then a couple came in and adopted him a few weeks later.  But they brought him back because he refused to catch mice.

Now he’s back with Hannah and her family, and she says he’s already settled in like he never even left.

She says the whole thing was so crazy, it just felt like fate.