A guy in San Diego named Brad Keiller co-owns a shop called Nomad Donuts.  And last month, he got a one-star review on Yelp that had to do with a homeless guy who likes to hang around outside.

His name is Ray Taylor, and he’s 58.  Brad’s been letting him loiter for about a year because he’s nice and never bothers anyone.  People do sometimes give him donuts, but he never asks for food or money.

Anyway, the Yelp person complained that it was annoying to see him there all the time.  And Brad posted the best response.

Quote, “I know I probably lose some business . . . possibly yours too . . . because of my choice not to chase him away.  But I WON’T.  He’s not looking for handouts and he tries not to bother anyone.  If you stop and talk with him, maybe you’ll come to like him too.”

The story’s slowly gone viral over the past two weeks.  And Brad’s seen a huge BOOST in sales because of it.  A lot of people have stopped in to thank him for being so nice.  And the person who posted the one-star review ended up taking it down.

Meanwhile, Brad also started a GoFundMe campaign to try and put some cash in Ray’s pocket.  And people have now donated almost FIVE GRAND.

Obviously Ray’s excited about the money.  But he told a reporter that just having someone stick up for him also meant a lot, because it’s been a long time since anyone has.

(San Diego Union-Tribune / KGTV)