A cop near Phoenix named Ron Little recently showed up when a 26-year-old guy was about to jump off an overpass.  The guy had already climbed over a fence and would have fallen onto a busy highway if he’d let go.

But Ron managed to talk him down and save his life . . . just by offering him a HUG.

It happened back on March 29th.  But the chest-cam footage was just posted online.

First, Ron radioed in and told everyone else to stay off the bridge.  Because he didn’t want to scare the guy.

Then he told him his name . . . offered to give him a hug if he climbed back over the fence . . . and KEPT talking about the hug for another five minutes or so.

The guy eventually climbed back over . . . got a big hug, as promised . . . and cried on Ron’s shoulder a little.  Then the video ends with them walking off the bridge together.

The Chandler, Arizona police department posted the footage on their Facebook page this week.  And they thanked Ron for the level of compassion he showed the guy.