I was on hold so long once, I thought I might die before someone answered.  But that ACTUALLY almost happened to this guy . . .

Dan Magennis of Grand Rapids, Michigan called Comcast last Tuesday to complain about an issue with his cable.  And he felt fine when he dialed the number.

But by the time someone picked up, something wasn’t right.  His arm felt heavy and he couldn’t talk . . . because it turned out he was having a STROKE.

Kimberly Williams was at a Comcast call center over 1,200 miles away in Jackson, Mississippi.  And luckily, she realized what was happening.

It turns out she’d witnessed her grandmother having a stroke years earlier.  So she knew the warning signs and got on the phone with first responders in Dan’s area.  Then they got him to a hospital.

His doctor says he would have had a MASSIVE stroke if they hadn’t gotten there so quickly, and he could’ve died.

But they were able to minimize the damage.  And he left the hospital two days later with almost NO lasting effects from it.