If this guy’s still got the energy to follow his dream, we all should . . .

Alan Tripp is 102 years old, and he’s done a lot of things in his life.  He lived through the Great Depression . . . worked in advertising . . . spent some time in broadcasting . . . and wrote a few books.

But ever since he was a kid, his dream was to be a SONGWRITER.  And now at 102 years old, he just released his first ALBUM.

His writing partner is an 88-year-old jazz pianist named Marvin Weisbord.  And they might be the oldest songwriting duo to EVER put an album out.

They met at a retirement community near Philadelphia, where they both live.  And they produced eight songs for an album called the “Senior Song Book.”

It’s inspired by Big Band music from the ’40s.  But they wanted the lyrics to resonate with people today, and not just old people.

They wrote all the songs together and hired ten singers and musicians to record them.  You can check out samples and buy a copy of the album at SeniorSongBook.com.

(NYNJ / Broadway World)