22 Corporate April Fools’ Day Pranks, Ranked from Best to Lamest

Well, we survived another April Fools’ Day.  And, as it always goes, most brands unveiled some kind of mild, inoffensive prank for the holiday.

Here are 23 of the more notable April Fools’ Day pranks from yesterday, which we’ve subjectively ranked from best to lamest.

1.  Jagermeister went edgy with the “Jagerbong” . . . a gift box that helps you turn an old Jagermeister bottle into a bong.  It includes a pipe, a lighter, eye drops, and a hackey sack.

2.  The “L.A. Times” parodied the “New York Times” rep for writing about the rest of the U.S. like it’s a mysterious, cultural wasteland, quote, “No one associates New York, a city in the eastern United States, with good restaurants.  That’s beginning to change.”

3.  This got a lot of press coverage leading up to April Fools’ Day . . . but yes, Tinder’s new “height verification” feature is fake.

4.  Honda Canada announced a new “polite horn,” where instead of honking, your horn makes a passive aggressive coughing sound.

5.  McDonald’s Australia posted a picture of the McPickle . . . which is basically a Big Mac with a bunch of pickles replacing the meat.  But it may backfire . . . because someone tweeted instructions on how to actually order it.

6.  Popchips went edgier than expected and announced individually-wrapped chips that are, quote, “ridged for your pleasure.”

7.  The U.S. Open tweeted a Photoshopped picture of a cute dog serving as a tennis ball retriever for the next tournament.

8.  Mova Globes announced a new flat globe for flat earthers.

9.  T-Mobile went for irony, and announced a new line of phone booths, to let you talk in privacy even on busy streets.

10.  McDonald’s announced “Shake Sauce” . . . little packets of shakes to dip your fries in.  The comments are all people wishing it were real . . . it’s never good when people like your fake products more than your real ones.

11.  SodaStream announced a new plan where you can add bubbles to your soda using your own bodily functions.

12.  KFC announced chicken-flavored ice cream, infused with bits of candied chicken skin in a cornbread cone.

13.  Lego announced a new “Find My Brick” app that scans a pile of Legos for the one you want.  I know brands don’t want to be TOO edgy, but this is just TOO un-edgy.

14.  Durex announced new fish skin condoms with a Mala hot pot flavor.  Never mind, you CAN take a joke too far.

15.  Google let you play the old school video game “Snake” on top of Google Maps.  That’s not exactly a prank, it’s more of an Easter egg they’d roll out any other day of the year.

16.  Hasbro played on the “millennials kill everything” cliché by announcing Mr. Potato Head has been replaced with Mr. Avocado Head.  But it’s not landing great, probably because millennial-avocado jokes are just so played out.

17.  Michelob Ultra started an online petition to create the first-ever cat park.  Not sure what that has to do with super light beer, but there you go.

18.  Lockheed Martin announced a new fragrance called Vector, which smells like space.

19.  Dunkin’ Donuts created a “super dough holder” . . . which is just two giant donuts around a cup of coffee.

20.  Auntie Anne’s kind of lazily announced pretzel shop yoga with a picture of a woman sitting cross-legged, holding two pretzels.

21.  Dippin’ Dots announced a new roll-on deodorant but, unfortunately, it appears they only spent about 30 seconds on an AWFUL Photoshop job.

22.  And finally, Starbucks announced Pupbucks, a store for dogs.  The video they made for it isn’t close to as funny as they think it is . . . quote, “I have a whole grain beagle for a good boy.”  Nope.