2022’s Hardest-Working States in America

Monday is Labor Day.  So have you been working hard or hardly working this year?

In general, Americans put in more hours at work than people in many other countries do.  The average in the U.S. was 1,791 hours last year . . . that’s about 36 hours a week if you take two weeks off a year.  And it’s about 25% more than people in Germany, France, or the U.K.  But 16% LESS than people in Mexico.

But which state has the HARDEST workers?  An annual study ranked all 50 states based on things like employment rates, hours worked, average commute, and how much free time people have in general.

According to the results, the 10 hardest-working states are:  North Dakota . . . Alaska . . . Nebraska . . . South Dakota . . . Texas . . . Virginia . . . Oklahoma . . . Kansas . . . New Hampshire . . . and Wyoming.

New Mexico ranked last, followed by Rhode Island, New York, Michigan, and West Virginia.

(WalletHub.com has the full breakdown.)