The Average Baseball Fan Spends $51 Once They Enter the Ballpark & More MLB Stats

There are 2,430 MLB games in a season, and every team hosts 81 home games . . . so tickets should be pretty cheap right?

The average ticket price this year is about $35 . . . but it depends on the team.  The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees average more than $60, while the average cost for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Miami Marlins is closer to $20.

That doesn’t seem CRAZY . . . but obviously, it adds up fast if you’re taking the whole family.  And of course the spending doesn’t stop at the ticket.

The average baseball fan spends $51 once they enter the ballpark . . . which includes concession food and drinks, beer and other alcoholic beverages, seat upgrades, parking, and team merch.

That makes the overall cost $86 per person, or over $300 for a family of four.

In a recent survey, 47% of people said they’re planning on going to an MLB game this season . . . but 58% said they prefer to watch MLB games at home on TV.

Some of that has to do with the cost.  35% of people said they will be going to fewer games . . . or no games at all . . . because of the price in this economy.

The average fan who IS planning on seeing a game in person says they expect to go to THREE games this year.

In a separate poll, 42% of Americans say they have a favorite MLB team.  And 22% have a LEAST favorite teams.

A whopping 26% of people say they hate the Yankees . . . 11% dislike the Red Sox . . . and only 4% are still upset at the Houston Astros for CHEATING a few years back.

Opening Day is today, and 15% of people said they’re “very interested” in the MLB season.  Another 42% said they’re “interested” . . . and the other 43% said they’re NOT interested in MLB this season.

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If you’re going to baseball’s Opening Day today (Thursday), bring your appetite because several teams are rolling out some new food items for the season. Nearly every team will kick off 2023 with new and intriguing menu options, including the Texas Rangers — who recently unveiled a two-foot-long burger that’s topped with onion rings and chili called “The Boomstick Burger.”

… The Miami Marlins showed this week they’ll be offering a 34-inch “Cubano Gigante” — a huge sandwich that features sliced ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard and a secret sauce.

… The New York Yankees chose to honor Aaron Judge with another food item. After handing out the “62” bacon cheeseburger in last year’s playoffs, they’re now selling the “99 Burger,” which comes with eight ounces of Wagyu beef. The team says it’ll only sell 99 per game.

… Tampa is offering a half-pound pretzel dog, while the White Sox are serving a half-pound weiner called “The Champagne of Dogs.”