Good News: Space Junk, Family Heirlooms, and Curious Dogs

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A family in Upstate New York tracked down a long-lost family heirloom they’d spent over a decade searching for.  A woman’s great-uncle did a wood carving of a leopard that was accidentally sold after her grandmother passed away.

She posted a photo on Facebook, and hundreds of people shared it.  Someone 150 miles away saw it, realized they had the carving, and got it back to her.  They bought it at a yard sale a few years ago, so it changed hands multiple times.

2.  Firefighters in California rescued a puppy that got stuck inside a wall(???)  It got in through a plumbing panel and couldn’t get out.  They used a sledgehammer to smash a hole in the wall and posted the footage online.  (Here’s the video.)

3.  A farmer in Saskatchewan named Barry Sawchuk recently found a 90-pound piece of space junk in a field.  Experts think it’s from a SpaceX launch in February.  So he reached out to SpaceX, but didn’t hear back.  Now he’s planning to sell it.  And how Canada is this?  He wants to use the money to help rebuild his local hockey rink.  It’s not clear how much he might get for it.  (Here’s a photo.)