A New iPhone Update Is Resurrecting People’s Deleted Nudes?

What’s the WORST-possible glitch you can imagine a phone having?  I bet THIS ONE is worse than that.

A few people online are claiming that Apple’s new iPhone update has RESURRECTED their old, deleted nudes.  People say photos that they deleted years ago, are suddenly back . . . and some are at the top of their galleries.

It’s not JUST nudes, of course.  But those WOULD be the most noticeable.

Apple hasn’t commented . . . and with tech things like this, it can be hard to separate YOU-problems from EVERYONE-problems.

And adding to the confusion is that different people are having different things brought back . . . for some people it’s old texts or voicemails.

If this IS a legit problem, it’s unclear how widespread it is . . . but enough people are joining the forums about it that it’s being picked up by tech blogs.

Normally if you delete a photo, it goes in your trash for month, before it’s GONE-GONE, and all the connections to it are killed.

It’s a little vague about when the media is OFFICIALLY and PERMANENTLY scrapped from clouds and servers, but the implication is that IS happening, and no one is retaining your data in the ether without your permission.

So if it turns out that data IS coming back from the dead, that could become a major problem for Apple.  For now though, take it with a grain of salt.

(NY Post / Reddit / MacRumors)

(If you care, there’s speculation from non-Apple techies that it might be a cloud synching issue that’s somehow restoring from backups . . . Or a de-bug that refreshed your photo library, and may have “recovered” media that was in limbo . . . that didn’t get fully nixed.)