Breakfast News: McDonald’s Is Ditching Its Baked Goods but Just Added a Spicy McMuffin

If your go-to McDonald’s breakfast is their big cinnamon roll, you’re gonna want to start googling donut shops . . .

McDonald’s announced they’re discontinuing their entire McCafé bakery line-up.  That means their apple fritters, blueberry muffins, and their cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing.

If you’re a fan of their apple pie or chocolate chip cookies, you’re in the clear.  Those items will stay.

Die-hard fans are upset even though the McCafé line-up hasn’t been around that long.  McDonald’s only added it to the menu three years ago.

They put out a statement saying they’re “always listening to [their] fans and adjusting [the] menu based on what they crave.”  So it sounds like they just weren’t selling that well.

They’ll start phasing them out this month.  No word on if they plan to replace them with other baked goods.  But they did just add another new menu item this week.

Cheesy Jalapeño McMuffins are now available at select locations.  They’re also doing a Cheesy Jalapeño Quarter Pounder for a limited time.

It’s not clear if they plan to add them to their permanent menu or not.

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