82% of People in Relationships Keep Their Partner Up at Night

There are people who can sleep . . . on their own terms . . . no matter what else is happening around them.  And if there’s a secret, those people are not sharing it with the rest of us.

In a new poll, a whopping 82% of people in relationships say their partner’s sleeping habits “consistently” keep THEM up at night.  Snoring is the biggest issue.  52% of people say their partner’s snoring keeps them up.

33% say they’re bothered by their partner messing around on their phone before bed . . . and another 33% say they’re disturbed by their partner getting out of bed at night, to go to the bathroom or something.

Other issues include:  Hogging the covers . . . tossing and turning . . . or “starfishing” across the bed.  (I’d never heard that term before, but it’s a funny way of describing AREA CONTROL on the bed.)

Still most couples do sleep together.  79% of people in relationships share a bed with their partner . . . 10% sleep in different rooms . . . 6% say it “depends on the night” . . . and 5% “sleep separately in the same room.”