Zero People Want This: A.I. Can Now Record and Analyze Everything You Do on Your Computer?

There’s a WONDERFUL new feature coming to Windows . . . which records everything you ever do on your computer, and feeds it to A.I.  (???)

It’s called “Recall” . . . and it works in tandem with Microsoft’s A.I., Copilot.

They’re hyping it as a way to “retrace your steps,” allowing you to quickly flip through all the stuff you’ve been doing on your computer online . . . through your messages . . . inside apps . . . and even within video conferencing.

It’s basically like a browser history . . . on steroids . . . not to mention that everything is being analyzed by artificial intelligence.  (And you thought the worst that could happen was A.I. taking your job.)

Many people are hearing this, and thinking about all the privacy and security concerns.

What if there’s a privacy failure . . . what if it becomes a target for bad actors . . . what if it offers incentives to corporations, advertisers, or government agencies?

But Microsoft insists that it’s the future, and they’ve thought of all that.

They say the data is encrypted on your hard drive . . . Copilot works locally on your computer, so nothing is being sent away, or accessible in a cloud.

They say you can “pause” the screen recording at any time . . . and you can delete any data that you don’t want remembered.  It also won’t record anything from private browsers . . . and the data is “only available to the person whose profile was used to sign in to the device.”

(Of course, we’re always hearing about how easy it is for “bad actors” to gain access by tricking us into clicking on something and letting them in.)

The good thing is:  This will NOT randomly be added to your machine in an update.  To get it, you have to purchase the new “Copilot Plus PCs” chips.  Also, for the time being, Recall is still being tested and is just in “preview status.”

(Ars Technica)