You’re Going To Cheat, Aren’t You?

What is the number one sign you’re getting close to cheating on your spouse? It’s pretty simple: you look forward to seeing him with more excitement than a typical friend. This is according to Dr. Jennifer Oikle, a psychologist and dating coach. Here are four signs you’re heading in to the danger zone:

1. You look forward to seeing him or her with more excitement than a typical friend, and spend more time with him than you should.

2. You find yourself dressing up and paying more attention to your appearance in a hope that he or she will notice you.

3. You confide in him or her about your relationship troubles at home.

4. You flirt with him or her, touching him or her while talking or making playful comments.

Then once you start fantasizing what it would be like to “be with him” — or her — it’s done. Here’s what you need to do now:

1. Step away from the attraction by setting limits on the amount of contact you have.

2. No longer share your troubles, turn to your partner first for support.

3. Only spend time together in groups.

4. Refocus your attention on your partner by stopping all thoughts and fantasies about the new guy or gal.

5. Plan some fun with your partner so you can reconnect and get the spark going again.