You’re Asked to Make a Birthday Cake for Someone You Hate. What’s Your Move?

If you love being petty but in the slickest way possible, this story is for you:  Some woman went on Reddit for advice after she was asked to bring a cake to a birthday party for someone she HATES.

It was for an in-law with a, quote, “long history of awful behavior.”  She wasn’t planning to go to the party at all until someone texted the day before and asked her to “bring the cake.”

She said she’s known for her baking, so that’s why they asked.  But she didn’t want to make a nice cake . . . and asked Reddit to help her “be PETTY via cake.”  Here are the best suggestions people came up with . . .

1.  Just buy a cake instead, and make sure it’s cheap.  That was the most popular answer by far.  Just go to a grocery store . . . buy the cheapest cake they have . . . and leave the price sticker on.  Ideally, it should be one that’s marked down.

2.  Take it a step further, and buy a half a cake.  Like those half Bundt cakes grocery stores sell.

3.  Make a cake you know they’ll hate.  Not one everyone will hate.  Just something that person won’t enjoy.  Like if they hate cream cheese, go heavy on the cream cheese frosting.

4.  Buy a cake meant for a child.  Like a Spider-Man cake.  Or, go to a grocery store and ask if they have any that weren’t picked up that day . . . with someone else’s name on it.

5.  Cover a cake in candy that makes it gross, or hard to eat.  Like topping it with Skittles or jelly beans.  One person suggested Werther’s Originals.

6.  Make a cake, but don’t frost it.  Someone else said make a whole cake out of just fondant.  It’s that chewy stuff you wrap over a cake to make it look sleek.

7.  Be sneakier and more subtle.  Like, misspell their name.  Or when you write “Happy Birthday,” put the word “Happy” in quotes.

8.  Bring salad instead.  Then act surprised and say, “Cake!?  I thought they said bring salad.”

(Today / Reddit)