Your Sign = Your Dream Vacation

Are you tired of taking the same old vacation year after year? The secret lies primarily in your element. Fire signs prefer hot places, like Jamaica or Mexico; earth signs prefer lush locations full of flowers, trees, and rolling meadows, such as northern Europe or the uppermost corners of America. Air signs like the mountains; and water signs prefer water anywhere.

• Aries prefer any place that’s hot

• Tauruses prefer a place that’s warm, pleasant, and comfortable

• Geminis like high places where you can see for miles around

• Cancers should go to any place near the ocean

• Leos prefer exciting cities in warm places

• Virgos like home sweet home, to catch up on housework and lawn & garden chores.

• Libras go for beautiful cities, churches, museums and monuments

• Scorpios prefer hidden places near water

• Sagittariuses are partial to sultry tropical islands with loads of discos

• Capricorns like old country villages with a history

• Aquariuses go for remote mountain areas

• Pisces prefer places associated with spiritual traditions, such as India, Egypt, Israel, Ireland, or Stonehenge