Your Favorite Geometric Shape Reveals Your Personality

A study suggests that your favorite geometric shape reveals the real you.

• Square. You’re an organized, logical and hardworking person who likes structure and rules. Sometimes you have trouble making decisions because you always want more information.

• Rectangle. You’re a courageous, exciting and inquisitive explorer who always searches for ways to grow and change. You enjoy trying things you’ve never done before and love asking questions that have never been asked.

• Triangle. You’re a born leader who’s competitive, confident and decisive. You also like recognition and are interested in politics. American business has traditionally been run by triangles, and they’re usually men.

• Circle. You’re a “people person” with lots of sympathy and consideration for others. You listen and communicate very well and are very perceptive about feelings. You like harmony and hate making unpopular decisions.

• Squiggle. You’re a creative person who’s always thinking of new ways to do things. But you don’t think in a deliberate pattern from A to B to C. Instead, you tend to jump around in your mind, going from A to M to X.