You’ll Get Hangry More Than 21,305 Times in Your Life

A new poll found the average American will feel “hangry” 21,305 times in their life.  74% said it happens at least five times a week.  Here are ten of the top places and situations you’re most likely to feel hangry . . .

1.  At home.  Makes sense since we spend most of our time there.

2.  At work.

3.  While you’re out shopping.

4.  Running errands.

5.  Traveling.  Like on a long drive, or on a flight.

6.  While you’re exercising.

7.  At a doctor’s appointment.

8.  At the pool, or a beach.

9.  At a sporting event.

10.  In a movie theater.

Here’s one more random stat from the poll:  28% of people admit they’ve eaten food out of the trash before.

(Farm Rich)