My dentist tells me to start flossing EVERY time I go in.  But somehow, they’ve never told me this . . .

An oral health expert in the U.K. is trending on TikTok after explaining why it’s better to brush your teeth BEFORE breakfast, not after.

Some people wait, so they can brush away all the food particles.  But brushing RIGHT after breakfast isn’t a great idea, because your mouth is full of ACID.

Things like coffee, juice, and even toast make your mouth more acidic.  And if you brush with all that acid in there, it can damage your enamel.

Brushing before breakfast also adds a thin layer that protects your teeth from all that acid.  And in general, there’s a lot of bacteria in your mouth right after you wake up.  So brushing before you eat is better for a few reasons.

If you REALLY want a clean mouth, you could brush before AND after.  Just make sure you wait a little while before your post-breakfast brush.

The American Dental Association says to wait an hour after eating.  But some dentists say 30 minutes is enough.  Or swish with water, and that should lower the amount of acid in there.

(Mirror / Healthline)  (Here’s the video.)