You Probably Shouldn’t Record Those Freakouts on Planes . . . Here’s Why

There’s been a trend recently of recording people getting kicked off flights for having full-on meltdowns.  But a safety rep for the Federal Aviation Administration says you probably SHOULDN’T start recording in those situations.

Here’s why . . .

1.  It could escalate things.  If a passenger is already fired-up and they see you with your phone recording them, there’s a decent chance they’re going to respond poorly.

2.  It could put you or other passengers at risk.  The passenger you’re recording could lunge at you to try to get the phone away, which puts you and the passengers around you at risk.

3.  It could get in the way of the crew doing their job.  If a flight attendant is trying to tend to a passenger who’s having an issue, people whipping their phones out could get in their way.  Or it could distract them from doing their job.  Or, again, it could rile the passenger up and put the flight attendant at greater risk.

4.  It could be against airline policy.  Some airlines prohibit the recording of other passengers.

(NY Post)