You Know You’re Old . . . If You Wear “Badass” Ankle Socks?

Fashion is a roller coaster, and you can tell how old someone is by looking to see where they hopped off.

The latest buzz on social media says that Gen Z has officially killed ANKLE SOCKS.  To prove it, one TikTok says you can go to the gym, and you’ll see a ton of Millennials wearing ankle socks . . . but no one under 30.

Gen Z prefers crew socks, which go up a little further, mid-calf.  (Which means GRANDPA is cool again, assuming he’s still rockin’ those.)

Speaking of feeling old, there’s yet another thread online where people are sharing the SUBTLE moments when they think, “I’m old now.”  Here are some of the best ones:

1.  I caught myself saying something was “badass.”

2.  I started thinking policemen looked too young to be in charge of anything.

3.  I have an app for identifying bird calls.

4.  I started sympathizing with the parents in teen movies.

5.  I hate unnecessary noise.

6.  I’m almost always tired . . . not sleepy tired, more like feeling thin tired.

7.  I got excited about buying a steam mop.

8.  I was chatting with someone, and they compared me to their mother.

9.  I consider 9:00 P.M. a reasonable time to say, “Well, it’s about time to hit the hay.”  (Also, merely saying, “hit the hay.”)

10.  I have no idea who most of the “celebrities” mentioned on social media are.

11.  I had two doctor appointments on the same day.

12.  Younger coworkers call the clothes I used to wear in high-school “vintage.”

13.  When I realize some of my coworkers weren’t even alive when 9/11 happened.

14.  I say “when I was your age . . . ” unironically.