A new survey found about 60% of us regularly have trouble falling asleep.  And the average American only gets 10 really good nights of sleep a month.  Here are the ten most common things we do when we can’t fall asleep . . .

1.  Watch TV.  43% of us sometimes do it when we can’t sleep.  It’s also the biggest mistake we make, because the light from the TV can keep you up longer.

2.  Roll around or switch positions in bed, 38%.

3.  Read a book, 36%.

4.  Check social media, 36%.

5.  Read something online, 34%.

6.  Get a drink of water, 34%.

7.  Play a game on your phone, 32%.

8.  Play video games, 31%.

9.  Go for a walk, 28%.

10.  Just lie there and stare at the ceiling, 26%.