You Can Put Your Pet on a Billboard for Free This Month

If you’ve got a pet, you’ve probably got a million photos of them on your phone.  Now you’ve finally got a chance to put them to good use . . .

A company called Lamar owns around 150,000 billboards in the U.S., including a ton of digital billboards.  And for National Pet Month, they partnered with an ad company called Shoutable . . . to let people post photos of their pets for FREE.

You can upload a photo at and add a custom message.  There’s a map, so you can choose a billboard nearby.  You can also choose the date and time for it to play.

Technically, you have to checkout, and it’ll say it costs $45.  But if you use the discount code “LamarPetMonth”, it’ll drop that to zero.

They’re accepting submissions through May 31st.


(When we tried, it said they were “experiencing a high load of orders” and we should try again tomorrow.  So maybe do it early in the day.)