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You Can Make Milk Chocolate Healthier by Adding Peanut Skins and Coffee Grounds?

Credit: Lilechka75 via Thinkstock

Dark chocolate is better for you than milk chocolate . . . but most people like the taste of milk chocolate more.

So this sounds like good news:  Researchers at the American Chemical Society have figured out a way to make milk chocolate healthier . . . and give it even more antioxidants than dark chocolate without affecting its flavor or texture.

To make milk chocolate healthier, they blended in things like PEANUT SKINS and COFFEE GROUNDS.

And when the researchers gave different blends of the milk chocolate to taste testers, a lot of them liked it BETTER than milk chocolate that DIDN’T have a bunch of food waste ground in.

The researchers say this new milk chocolate is still, quote, “a ways off and subject to corporate patents” . . . so don’t look for it on sale anytime soon.

(Fox News)

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