You Can Cure Cramps and Panic Attacks with . . . Sour Patch Kids?

Sour Patch Kids aren’t just for the movies or when you buy Halloween candy next month but “no trick-or-treaters showed up” so you gotta eat it all.  There are actually some really tough situations in adult life where Sour Patch Kids can come to your rescue.  Check these out . . .

1.  Cramps.  Sour Patch Kids can help you when you’re cramping up.  The theory:  Extremely sour foods trigger a specific set of receptors in your body that stop cramps.  You can also try pickle juice to cure cramps, but that’s less tasty.

2.  Panic attacks.  When you feel a panic attack coming on, eating something sour like Sour Patch Kids gives you an intense sensory experience . . . and that can break you out of your spiral and help ground you.

3.  Tough workouts.  When you finally made it to the gym but don’t have the energy to keep going, high-sugar candies like Sour Patch Kids are a good way to get some fast carbs into your system to give you a boost.