You Can Cure a Headache by Soaking Your Feet in Hot Water

Has anyone tried this, and does it work?

Someone on TikTok claimed you can cure a headache . . . specifically a MIGRAINE . . . by soaking your feet in hot water.

Obviously don’t burn yourself, but they say the hotter the better.  And at least one expert backed them up on it.

A doctor in Maryland who specializes in acute and chronic pain explained why it could help.  The hot water dilates the blood vessels in your feet, which pulls blood toward your legs and away from your head.

After 10 or 15 minutes, he says it should relieve some of the pressure up there and help with the pain.

A bunch of people in the comments say they tried it, and it really does work.  But even if it doesn’t, there aren’t any side effects . . . unless you make the water WAY too hot and burn your feet.  (NY Post)

(Here’s the video.)