You Can Carry a Full Turkey onto an Airplane, but Not Mashed Potatoes

The TSA just put out a list of travel tips for Thanksgiving, including foods you can and can’t carry on an airplane.

If you’re planning to fly with leftovers, the basic rule to remember is any solid foods are okay.  But anything liquidy has to go in your checked luggage.

Some foods you ARE allowed to carry on include pies, cakes, stuffing, rolls, vegetables, and casseroles.  They’re all considered solid foods.  And yes, turkey is also fine.  Even a full, uncarved Thanksgiving bird is acceptable.  And frozen turkeys are okay too.

Some foods you CAN’T carry on include gravy, cranberry sauce, wine, eggnog, and any sort of jam or jelly.  Mashed potatoes are also considered a non-solid food.  So they have to go in your checked luggage.

Here are three more quick Thanksgiving travel tips from the TSA . . .

1.  Get to the airport early.  At least two hours before a domestic flight.

2.  Carving knives have to go in checked luggage, obviously.  Even the electronic kind.

3.  If you’re not sure about something, just download the “MyTSA” app.  There’s a feature called “Can I Bring” that lets you check if something’s allowed or not.