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Yes, a Celebrity Tried the “I Have Coronavirus” Gag, and Other April Fool’s Pranks

Credit: belchonock via Thinkstock

Is it just me, or was yesterday the most low-key, prankless April Fools’ Day of all time?  I think most of us either didn’t have the mental energy to pull a gag, or just figured that we’ve all been through enough already.

But some celebrities went for it.  And if you’re wondering if ANYONE was stupid or unimaginative enough to falsely claim they had the coronavirus . . . the answer is yes.

His name is Kim Jae-joong, from the K-pop duo JYJ.  And after his stupidity made headlines around the world, he apologized . . . and claimed he was trying to raise AWARENESS.

Here are some less harmful celebrity April Fools’ pranks:

1.  Lil Nas X claimed he was never actually gay.

2.  Public Enemy now claims that Flavor Flav’s firing was an elaborate prank . . . and his rift with Chuck D was staged.

3.  There was a fake story going around that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West met with President Trump to get Joe Exotic from “Tiger King” out of prison.  Kim and Kanye had nothing to do with the rumor, but a lot of people bought it.

4.  Someone started a rumor that Damian Lillard of the Portland Trailblazers wants to be traded to the Lakers.  And he had to remind his fans what day it was.

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