An ad for the exercise bike company Peloton has been going viral . . . because it shows a woman getting a bike for Christmas and spending a year “progressing” from super in-shape to super SUPER in-shape.

But most of us would . . . um . . . have a little further to go on that journey to get in shape.

So a new survey asked people:  If you got a fitness-related holiday gift, like a gym membership or home workout equipment, would you be HAPPY or INSULTED?

38% of people say they’d be more pleased than insulted . . . only 7% would be more insulted than pleased . . . and 44% wouldn’t feel one way more than the other.  (The remaining 11% said they “don’t know” how they’d feel.)

But the REAL question here is:  Would your wife or girlfriend be offended or not?

There’s not much of a difference when you break it down by gender:  36% of women say they’d be more pleased than insulted and 9% say they’d be more insulted than happy.

So you’ve basically got a one-in-10 shot of getting dumped if you give the lady in your life a gym membership for Christmas.