Women Are More Likely to Wish They Could Spend a Day Doing Nothing, But Men Get Those Days More Often

Do you ever look forward to a day that’s completely EMPTY on the calendar . . . only to wish that you had something to do once it finally arrives?

A new poll asked people:  “How often do you spend an entire day staying home and doing NOTHING . . . no chores, no work, no obligations?”

10% of people say they get those days EVERY day . . . another 21% of people say they get them “a few times a week” . . . 25% say it’s more like “a few times a month” . . . and 12% say it’s “a few times a year.”

17% of people say they NEVER have those days.  That group includes 15% of men, but 20% of women.  And they DO want more of those days.

When asked if a NOTHING DAY is appealing, 33% of women say that sounds GREAT, while just 23% of men do.  36% of Gen X’ers ages 45 to 64 say it sounds great, which is more than any other age group.

Women and Gen X are the least likely to get totally free days from time to time . . . so that could be why they’re so excited about them.