Will Gen Z Save Landlines? Corded Phones Are “Cool” Now

Dig that Sports Illustrated Football Phone out of the attic.  Your teenage daughter might want it . . .

Old-school landline phones with a CORD are the new trendy thing for Gen Z’ers to own.  Retro stuff from the ’90s and early 2000s is big right now in general.  That also includes flip phones and original iPods.

Most ESTABLISHED adults ditched their landline years ago, because you don’t need one anymore.  So “The New York Post” asked young people to explain the fascination.  Corded phones are a lot less convenient, obviously.

One girl called them “cute and romantic.”  She said she loves to “talk and twirl the little cord,” and says it makes her feel like she’s on “Sex and the City”.  (Carrie also used a cordless phone on that show.)

The same girl said she has an answering machine too, but couldn’t remember the name . . . she called it a “voicemail machine.”  (???)

She said she also likes the thrill of not knowing who’s calling, because it doesn’t have caller I.D.

(NY Post)

(Still got an old Garfield phone tucked away in a drawer?  Stuff like that is listing for as much as $200 on eBay right now.)