“Wii Sports” and “Barbie Fashion Designer” Were Inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame

The World Video Game Hall of Fame just announced their four inductees for 2023.

They are:  The first commercial video game Computer Space (1971) . . . the PC game Barbie Fashion Designer (1996) . . . Nintendo’s Wii Sports (2006) . . . and The Last of Us (2013), which is the game that inspired the live-action HBO show of the same name.

To become eligible for the Hall of Fame, a video game has to meet four criteria:  First, it has to have icon status, meaning it’s widely recognized and remembered.  Second, it has to have longevity, so it has to be more than a fad.

Third, it has to have geographical reach, and fourth, it has to have influence, whether that’s in pop culture or with the development of future games.

You can visit the Hall of Fame inside the Strong Museum in Rochester, New York.

(Museum of Play)

(“Computer Space” pre-dated the actual video game industry, but it basically laid the foundation for Atari and “Pong”.)