When You Need To Step Away From Your Phone Or Keyboard

WHEN YOU’RE ANGRY — While anger can be a powerful motivator, it can create some regretful social media comments and emails. If you’re angry about an event or situation, by all means use that as fuel for your writing. Just don’t publish or click send until you’ve had a chance to edit it while you’re calmer.

WHEN YOU’RE DRUNK — Don’t drink and text. Or email. Or Facebook.

WHEN YOU’RE EXHAUSTED — After you’ve put the kids to bed you stumble into bed and start checking Facebook, Twitter and emails. You’re bleary-eyed and your brain is halfway to dreamland. Now’s not the time to post what you think is your deepest tweet of the day. Even if you’re not angry or drunk, you’re tired — and waking up in 7 hours to a backlash is not a way to start a day.