When Do the Holidays Start? As Soon as You Hear Christmas Music on the Radio

We’re halfway through November.  Have the holidays officially started for you yet?  A new poll found it might depend on which RADIO station you’ve been listening to.

People were asked when the holidays start, and the #1 answer was a tie between putting your tree up . . . and hearing Christmas music on the radio for the first time.

Here are a few more quick holiday stats . . .

1.  The top songs that make us feel like the holidays have arrived are “Jingle Bells”“White Christmas”, and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”.

2.  Do you look forward to this time of year less now that you’re an adult?  Most agree the answer is yes.  72% enjoyed the holidays more when they were a kid.

3.  The best age to be this time of year is between six and ten years old.  35% said that’s when their fondest holiday memories come from.

4.  Seven in ten Americans had holiday traditions growing up, and a lot of those traditions are still alive and well.  Over 40% of us have at least one tradition we’ve been doing annually for more than 15 years.

5.  Our most cherished holiday traditions are decorating the tree . . . seeing friends and family . . . decorating our home . . . watching movies . . . and sitting down for holiday meals.