What’s Your Go-To Response to a Funny Text?

Have you ever noticed how people have different “go-to” responses when you’re texting?  Like that guy who responds to every text with a peach emoji . . . even when he isn’t at the farmer’s market.  (???)

A new poll asked people, “If someone messages you something funny, what’s your usual response?”  33% of people said it’s “LOL” . . . 32% said an emoji of a laughing face . . . 12% said it’s “Haha” . . . and 9% said it’s “That’s funny.”

7% said their go-to response is “something else.”  (Unfortunately, they didn’t say what those are.)

Interestingly, saying “that’s funny” is really popular with men, with twice as many men than women using that.  Women are much more into the laughing emojis.

People 65 and older were FAR more likely to claim they’re “not sure” what their go-to response is.  (I’ll tell them!  Their go-to response to something funny is the thumbs-up emoji.)