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What’s Your “Gas Station Order” on a Road Trip?

Here’s a term you may not have heard before but you’ve definitely experienced before.

When you’re on a road trip and you stop for gas and some snacks, the random junk food you buy is called your “gas station order.”

And people are sharing their gas station orders on TikTok right now like . . .

1.  Sprite, Chester’s Flamin’ Hot Fries, and a Crispy Crunchy Reese’s bar.

2.  Dr. Pepper, Lay’s Salt & Vinegar chips, Sour Patch Kids, and Takis.

3.  An Icee, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Limon, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

4.  Diet Coke, Bugles, and peach rings.

So . . . what’s your go-to order when you’re on a drive?


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