What’s Your #1 Topping and Cooking Method for a Hot Dog?

This weekend is the unofficial start to summer, which means it’s officially hot dog season again.

A new survey by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council . . . the NHDSC, if you’re hip . . . asked people how to make the best dog.

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of people prefer their hotdogs GRILLED.  75% say they like them grilled, compared to 9% who like them best over a campfire . . . 6% prefer ’em boiled . . . 3% like them to be steamed . . . and 2% are cool with the microwave.

The #1 topping was MUSTARD.  That’s interesting because people were NOT as excited about having mustard on their burgers in another recent poll.

Ketchup was the second most essential topping, followed by onions, relish, chili, cheese, sauerkraut, mayo, bacon, jalapenos, and coleslaw.

(PR Newswire)